Our Nutrition Facts

Chicken (2 oz)17 g02g94
Chicken (4 oz)35 g04g187
Chicken (6 oz)52 g06.1 g281
Shredded chicken (2 oz)17 g02 g94
Shredded chicken (4 oz)35 g04 g187
Shredded Chicken (6 oz)52 g06.1 g281
Chicken Kabob (2 oz)17 g02g94
Chicken Kabob (4 oz)35 g04 g187
Chicken Kabob (6 oz)52 g06.1 g281
Ground Turkey (2 oz)15 g06g115
Ground Turkey (4 oz)30 g012g231
Ground Turkey (6 oz)46 g019 g346
Organic Ground Beef (2 oz)11 g09 g120
Organic Ground Beef (4 oz)21 g017 g240
Organic Ground Beef (6 oz)32 g026 g360
Turkey Meatballs (2 oz)15 g06 g115
Turkey Meatballs (4 oz)30 g012 g231
Turkey Meatballs (6 oz)46 g019 g346
Steak (2 oz)14 g011 g153
Steak (4 oz)28 g022 g307
Steak (6 oz)42 g033 g460
Salmon (2 oz)11 g07 g118
Salmon (4 oz)23 g015 g236
Salmon (6 oz)34 g022 g354
Whitefish (Tilapia) (2 oz)15 g01.5 g73
Whitefish (Tilapia) (4 oz)30 g03 g146
Whitefish (Tilapia) (6 oz)45 g04.5 g219
Overnight Oats (6 oz)8 g21 g4 g153
Sweet Potato (4 oz)1.8 g23 g0.1 g97
Sweet Potato (6 oz)2.7 g35 g0.1 g146
Sweet Potato (8 oz)3.6 g46 g02 g194
Yams (4 oz)1.7 g32 g0.2 g134
Yams (6 oz)2.6 g48 g0.3 g201
Yams (8 oz)3.5 g64 g0.5 g268
Red Potato (4 oz)2.6 g22.2 g0.2 g101
Red Potato (6 oz)3.2 g27 g0.2 g122
Red Potato (8 oz)4.3 g36 g0.3 g163
Brown Rice (1/2 cup)2.5 g22.5 g0.9 g108
Brown Rice (1 cup)5 g45 g1.8 g216
Brown Rice (2 cups)10 g90 g3.6 g432
White Rice (1/2 cup)2.2 g22.5 g0.2 g103
White Rice (1 cup)4.3 g45 g0.4 g206
White Rice (2 cups)8.6 g90 g0.8 g412
Quinoa Pasta (1/2 cup)5 g43 g1.5 g200
Quinoa Pasta (1 cup)10 g86 g3 g400
Asparagus (4 oz)2.8 g4.3 g0.2g27
Asparagus (6 oz)4.3 g6.4 g0.3 g41
Asparagus (8 oz)5.7 g8.5 g0.4 g54
Bell Pepper (4 oz)2 g9 g0.2 g40
Bell Pepper (6 oz)3 g13 g0.3 g60
Bell Pepper (8 oz)4 g18 g0.4 g80
Broccoli (4 oz)3.2 g8 g0.4 g38
Broccoli (6 oz)4.8 g11 g0.6 g57
Broccoli (8 oz)6.4 g15 g0.8 g77
Brussel Sprouts (4 oz)3.5 g14 g0.3 g43
Brussel Sprouts (6 oz)5 g15 g0.5 g65
Brussel Sprouts (8 oz)7 g18 g0.6 g86
Cauliflower Rice (4 oz)2.1 g5 g0.3 g27
Cauliflower Rice (6 oz)3.2 g8 g0.5 g41
Cauliflower Rice (8 oz)4.2 g10 g0.6 g54
Green Beans (4 oz)2 g8 g0.1 g35
Green Beans (6 oz)3 g12 g0.2 g52
Green Beans (8 oz)4.1 g16 g0.2 g70
Mushroom and Onion Mix (4 oz)0 g9 g5 g102
Mushroom and Onion Mix (6 oz)0 g14 g8 g153
Mushroom and Onion Mix (8 oz)0 g18 g10 g204
Steamed Spinach (4 oz)3 g4 g2 g40
Steamed Spinach (6 oz)5 g6 g3 g60
Steamed Spinach (8 oz)6 g8 g4 g80
Zucchini (4 oz)1.4 g3.8 g0.3 g21
Zucchini (6 oz)2.1 g5.7 g0.4 g32
Zucchini (8 oz)2.8 g7.6 g0.6 g42
Paleo Pancakes (5)6g33g6g365
Omega 3 Muffins (1)6g0g5g70
Egg White Muffins (1)4g.25g0.0617
Jose Scramble62g227g433
Blueberry Muffin2.7g30.9g2.9g157
Raspberry Muffin2.7g30.9g2.9g157
Chicken Teriyaki Plate53g59g8g498
Steak Teriyaki Plate47g59g14g559
Salmon Teriyaki Plate44g59g23g626
Chicken Mediterranean Plate55g72g9g629
Steak Mediterranean Plate50g72g15g670
Turkey Meatball and Pasta Marinara36g45g15g495