Frequently Asked Questions

Does someone need to be home?

No, we can leave on your doorstep pack with ice, it should be fine for a few hours.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, our delivery fee is $1 per mile, max $10 with a minimum order of $60 for delivery.

How do I order?

All orders are done online. please call or text if you’re having trouble using the site.

When do orders need to be in by?

Sunday orders need to be in by Thursday at midnight.

Can I freeze my meals?

Yes, our containers are fine for freezing.

How long does my meal preps last?

Our meals are good for 5 days after they are delivered.

Where can I pick up my meals from?

Please check our list of pickup locations. or our kitchen in Northridge.

What should I do with my thermal bags and ice?

Please leave your bags with ice inside on your doorstep on your next order so our driver can pick up.

What areas do you deliver to?

Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita Valley.

Can I substitute items in the bulk packages?

No, all items are preset and there are no substitutions.